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Portfolio Rag

Extra Smooth Fine Art Paper For Photographic Images

Museo® Portfolio Rag™ combines an extra smooth cotton base with our advanced coating to bring you a paper that feels luxurious and provides world-class image quality. Use Museo® Portfolio Rag™ for your museum exhibition and portfolio prints and when you need exceptional tonal range on a surface that will not detract from your photographic images


•Museo® Portfolio Rag™ is made to
archival standards
•100% cotton
•internally buffered
•no optical brighteners
•acid -free
•pH: 7.9-8.5
•weight: 300 gsm
•caliper: 0.015” (380 µm)
•extra smooth matte finish
•optimized for pigmented inkjet inks
•also compatible with dye-based inks
•flake-free coating
•brightness: 91
•robust, damage-free packaging


•fine art photo printing
•exhibition prints
•art reproductions
•black and white printing
•sepia prints


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