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The estefold 4211 is available in three speed versions:  4211-4, 4211-8, 4211-15(4-, 8- or 15 m/min)  Unattended printing and folding from multiple work stations increases the prodictivity of your company significantly. Jobs can easily be processed during the night or on the weekend.  The feed table of the estefold 4211 is very easy to tilt up and down. In an upright position it offers enough space to conveniently change the paper rolls on the printer.. The fold speed is 19 m/min. The fold tolerance is ≤ 1 mm. The max. input format is 930 mm wide and 6.000 mm long.  estefold 4211 is perfectly suited for high to very high volumes from one printer.  TÜV approved safety and production because: We care about your safety!

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