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HP Designjet T1300 44" PS - CAES

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    Ideal for: Printing high-quality CAD drawings. Scan and print original plans as the basis for designs. Add scanning/printing to improve the design/review process                     

HP makes it easy to print and share with this—the first large-format ePrinter designed for workgroups. Collaborate and print on the go. Take advantage of features that boost productivity. And save time with tools that ease the printing process.


So easy and intuitive, you’ll love using it.
Print to any HP Designjet printer without installing any drivers thanks to HP ePrint & Share.[1]
Discover the power of touch—this ePrinter's color touchscreen enables intuitive operation and page previews.
Web-connected and easy to update. Software updates occur automatically, every six months.
Create a print-ready PDF[2] at the same time you print with HP ePrint & Share.[1]

Do more in less time—fast setup, printing, sharing.
Save time and paper with two rolls. Load the printer with the same—or different—paper types and sizes.
Get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Print up to 2 A1/D-sized prints per minute in Economode.
Achieve high-quality results with rich, dark blacks, true neutral grays, and vibrant solid colors.
Experience trusted security and manageability with features designed to protect and simplify.

Access and print files where the job takes you.
Print TIFF, JPEG, and PDF[3] files directly from your USB thumb drive; no computer required.
Print and share files directly from the color touchscreen—with HP ePrint & Share.[1]
Select and print projects using the color touchscreen—simply access those files via HP ePrint & Share.[1]
Print remotely[4] to any large-format HP Web-connected Designjet from your computer or mobile device.

Eco Highlights
Save paper with automatic print settings and two-roll configuration.
Less ink wasted due to efficient installation and maintenance routines.
Free, convenient HP ink cartridge and printhead recycling.[1]
[eco01]Visit to see how to participate and for HP Planet Partners program availability; program may not be available in your area.
[eco02]Trademark license code FSC-C017543.

[1]HP ePrint & Share is a free Web-printing solution that lets you automatically manage content online. It requires an Internet connection.
[2]Requires AutoCAD plug-in.
[3]PDF files only available with PostScript accessory (optional accessory to be purchased separately) or buying PS versions.
[4]Remote Printing will be available by end of 2011.

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